IRIS University Information Day – 02/07/2018

2018. July 25.

One of the leading IT technology companies in the world, InterSystems Corporation (USA), held a seminar entitled as “IRIS UNIVERSITY INFORMATION DAY” on 2 July 2018 in Balatonfüred.

InterSystems Corporation was founded in 1978, it deals primarily with the management of large databases, rapid application development and the development of technological solutions supporting multi-level complex integration, primarily in health and state administration. InterSystems’ portfolio includes IRIS Data Platform, the Cache Database Management System, the Ensemble Integration Platform, the HealthShare Healthcare Platform and the TrakCare Health Information System.

The company was represented by Nikolay Krechetov, Central Eastern European Regional Manager of InterSystems Corporation, and István Hahn and Attila Tóth Engineers at Balatonfüred.

The seminar focused on two areas. On the one hand, InterSystems introduced the latest products in its portfolio, primarily IRIS (Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive and Scalable English Acronym). On the other hand, the staff of the American company presented the University Outreach Program, an opportunity for educational co-operation within the framework of which the training of IT professionals in Hungary can be supported by InterSystems.

The seminar was closed with an informal conversation and dialogue where academics could ask questions about the use of InterSystems’ products and systems at university level.


InterSystems Global Summit 2017

2018. January 29.

In September 10-13, 2017 Palm Springs, CA – this year’s partner partnership and scientific conference of our US technology partner, – InterSystems Corporation – was held. This event was hosted by all the technology and solution vendors of InterSystems worldwide. We were the only ones whom represented Hungary and the V4 region at the conference with more than 600 participants. With our presence we represented not only our products, but also our home country for IT specialists from a number of countries around the world.
As a solution partner, we had the opportunity to present our developments in the exhibition at the hall of the conference. Participating in the show was also a good opportunity to assess where the US companies development are at the moment. We have introduced the “PELSOFT” brand created outside the European market with our data communication, health, sport analytics, Z-generation solutions and our thematic closed community web service.

Parallel with the partner meeting and the exhibition, professional programs for developers were run, which, in addition to presenting the latest technologies, helped to provide practical presentations and consultancy opportunities for the transfer of knowledge.

The offer of the IT services in the Balaton region is expanded with a high quality server room

2013. March 28.

The first high quality server room in the region provides a reliable service which complies all the technical requirements of the modern age. With its unique design, it provides 99.9% safe and secure data storage and information flow to serve the developement of the region’s IT capabilities. Using the investment funded by the Pelsoft Informatics Ltd., at the company’s headquarter in Balatonfüred, anyone can keep safe their IT tools that are essential for their day-to-day business.

IV. Last Project Progress Report

2013. February 15.


Closing of the project

2012. December 14.

The drótKÓRHÁZ project (GOP-1-2-1-09-2010-0014) “Creating a Personalized Inter-regional Online Healthcare Data Warehouse and Service Center and an IT System Supporting the Healthcare Processes” is about to finish its succesful research and developement period.

The project was implemented by the Pelsoft Informatika Kft. headquartered in Balatonfüred under the the Economic Development Operational Program of the National Development Agency.

The European Union granted non-refundable support with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund for the development and implementation of the e-health system.

III. Project Progress Report

2012. August 8.


Moving house

2012. June 8.

The Pelsoft Ltd. has moved out in Balatonfüred, from 2 Zsigmond street to a modern building at 17/B Fürdő street.

II. Project Progress Report

2012. February 15.


Press release

2011. December 21.

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I. Project Progress Report

2011. August 10.